Let us make a difference – Women’s day special

March-8th is women’s day. I want to write something for this special day to create awareness on how women are treated in India now, especially on the educational front in Rural India.

I always have great respect for women. I believe that this world would have become a complete war zone if there are no girls. This scientific world hasn’t found any replacement for the care shown by a mother! I read somewhere in an article that if men start carrying babies instead of women and have pregnancy period, they will try to bring the child out at the 5th month itself without being patient enough to carry the child till the 10th month! They use to tell this in order to praise the Patience skill of all girls.

In the 20th and 21st century, we have seen many girls outperforming boys in many area. That’s healthy news for all. But the sad news is, only a small portion of the women population is enjoying complete freedom. I want all to read the below statistics to understand :

In Rural India for every 100 girls that enroll in Schools

Only 18 girls reach class 8th ,

Only 9 girls reach class 10th and

Just 1 girls reaches class 12th .

The scenario needs to be changed. Girls should be treated as equally as boys. We should create awareness among common people to encourage girls to study. Girls cannot get freedom until you and I fight for it. Every girl who is having a happy life should make a difference in atleast one girl’s life. Every male, who got a happy mother, sister, wife should make a difference in atleast one girl’s life. Only with both men and women support, women upliftment is possible in our society.

You cannot live a complete life, without making a difference in someone’s life!

Come on. Let us make a difference!!

Only with a remarkable role played by women we can achieve the vision 2020. Because India’s Future lies in her villages and India’s strength lies in her Women.

Happy womens’ Day to all!


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