Let us not miss the moments that we can spend with our loved ones

Dear friends,

Recently I got a message from one of my friend mentioning, she wants to meet me. She is my friend from 2007. Its after a very long time she has messaged me. I asked her the reason. She told that she have lost her father recently. I was shocked. I agreed to meet her in office, when I come there next time.

We met almost after an year’s gap. She started explaining what have happened. It was almost 20 days she have lost her father. She mentioned that she was giving importance to her mother who was physically ill and in the process of looking after her mother, she didn’t give enough attention to her father. When suddenly her father died, she feels that she didn’t do enough for her father who have shown loads of love and care for her.

She also mentioned that her father use to wait at the street end whenever she starts a little late from office. Though the street is full of light and people moving all the time, her father use to come in person to pick up her where as their home is just 100m away from the drop point.

She also mentioned me that when I call her for orphanage visits, she cannot relate it to situation of the kids who don’t have parents. But, now having lost her father, she knows the pain of missing a person and regretted for not joining visits!

This is not just a story of a single girl. The same is the case with many of us. We forgot to share our full love or care when a person is alive. When we miss them, we start thinking more about them!

Let us not miss the moments that we can spend with our loved ones. Life is too short. Let us start living!

Note: I published this blog after getting approval from her :-) . While I mailed her to get permission, she replied me like this:

I am very happy about this blog. I myself was thinking about this to share with my project mates. Surely I wish everyone should start concentrating on their loved ones. Please go ahead with this blog. Just add a few lines saying….our parents are in need of our love and time at this age and not money and comfort. They are becoming a child again with old age and they really need us for our love and care.

Thank you so much Karthee……


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