I’m Kartheeban Volunteer Version 3.0

Dear friends,

I’m back to India after attending 4 days of volunteering conference in Washington DC. Happy to be back in my and our mother land!

From June-16, the day I boarded my flight to Washington DC till June-26 when I landed back in Bangalore, these 10 days was a huge learning experience for me. I will share my learning’s through a series of blog post and at the same time, will implement the learning’s in India to make a difference which we as a team is capable of doing.

When I was born, I’m Kartheeban

When I started Team Everest India in 2006, I became Kartheeban Volunteer 2.0

After my visit to Washington DC, I’m Kartheeban Volunteer 3.0

In short, I’m an upgraded version now 🙂

Though people like us do not have the power or a magic stick to change the entire world, we can change the world of one person. And, I think, that is what we should be doing. And that is why, everyone should be a volunteer.

Though we are separated by physical distance, technology has enabled us to communicate with each other. Then, why not share your comments here in my blog post.

I read your comments, because, it matters to me. We can meet in different volunteering events soon. Let us continue to make a difference with our small efforts.

Happy volunteering friends!

Note: If you want to understand why I went to Washington D.C, please read this blog post- I’m a volunteer and Story of a Little Kid who do not know the spelling of ‘AMERICA’.

If you are the one who care for others, then we think alike. Why not join hands to make a difference? Click here to give me a friend request!


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