Story of a Little Kid who do not know the spelling of ‘AMERICA’

This was a story happened in 1992. That is almost two decade before.

There was an 8 year old little kid from a small town called Arni in Tiruvannamalai Dt, Tamilnadu State, India who wrote the spelling of ‘AMERICA’ wrongly in a Spelling test that is conducted in his primary school.

Years rolled by. 21 years later, In Washington DC, which is the capital of America, the same child who is now an adult was felicitated by Mr. Neil Bush in a Global conference where people from more than 25 countries attended. Mr. Neil Bush is a sibling of Mr George W. Bush who is the 43rd president of America. You can know more about him in Wikipedia.

The person in the story is none other than me and it is a great day in my life to get recognized in a foreign land. Not even in the wildest of dreams, I have thought that this will happen. It was a goose bumps moment for me when Mr. Neil Bush mentioned about ‘Team Everest’ on stage. I started ‘Team Everest’ as a one man army in 2006 and we now have 6500 volunteers who have done more than 2000 community projects.


Isn’t that true, that if you are honest to yourself and dedicate yourself for a cause, this world will look at you and recognize your efforts though you do not expect them?

By the by, I know the spelling of ‘AMERICA’ now.

Note: I dedicate this to all the volunteers across the globe who dedicate their time, money and skills for the betterment of this world.

If this story inspires you, please share a comment in this blog post. I will be glad to hear from you!


One thought on “Story of a Little Kid who do not know the spelling of ‘AMERICA’

  1. Hi Karthee, I am Chaithanya.Karanth. I am very much impressed by your work. I am right now in South Korea and I would like to volunteer virtually. Is there any possibility for me to volunteer. I am a software tester but right now a house file and mommy of 1.5 year old kid. I saw that you want to rebuild the website and I can volunteer for testing of website. Let me know if I can do it. I am also open for any kind of help…Let me know the possibilities.

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