Self appraisal of my first month after quitting my full time job!

Hi friends,

It is been a month since I have quit my full time profession with an idea to promote volunteering in our country. Just thought of reflecting on what I did for the past 1 month.

Before going further, for those who do not know my complete background, I’m very passionate about Volunteering and I founded a NGO called ‘Team Everest’ in 2006 when I joined my job in 2006 (I’m a 2006 B.E passed out). The idea behind Team Everest is to promote volunteering and provide quality education to kids who could not afford it. So, for the past 8 years while I’m in my job, we did various initiatives through Team Everest. You can check our website and Facebook page to know what we did. Just to see a summary of our key activities in 2014, check out here.

I use to spend extra hours on weekdays and dedicate my complete weekends for Team Everest activities during the past 8 years. I felt, I could do more good to the society if I can find more time and hence quit my full time job on Dec-31, 2014.

Just to keep you posted, I quit my full time job and re-joined as a contractor to work for 5 days a month in the same organization. The idea is to dedicate 25 days for my volunteering journey and 5 days a month to earn my living.

Coming back to what I did in Jan-2015, I kept track of all activities which I was doing to reflect on my actions. Here is a summary of it:

25 days for my passion of promoting volunteering and 5 days of part time job

13 One to One meetings with different volunteers

5 Corporate meetings to engage them in Corporate Social Responsibility activities

5 NGO Visits

4 Volunteers Meet

3 Volunteering Conference (Chennai, Coimbatore and Bengaluru)

1 College visit to address the students

Unlimited Phone calls to coordinate the various Everest works!!

Apart from the above listed activities,  I spent a lot of time on my laptop working for different Team Everest initiatives. The outcome is:

We started ‘Digital Literacy’ classes in 2 Govt schools – Chennai and Coimbatore.

Our team started doing ‘I am the Change’ workshop for school students

We started conducing ‘Contest for a Cause’ initiative at school level.

Identifying donors for Smile 100 initiative – Work in progress still. To be a Smile 100 monthly donor, sign up here.

Earlier we use to give hand written receipt to our donors. Now, we are converting our hard copy donation receipts to E-receipts – Going Green to Save Paper!

Able to identify and appoint a part time computer staff for Mom Dad Community Center to teach computers to kids in the community.

 I’m not mentioning the other ongoing activities like old age home visits, blood donation and other school activities which is happening already every week. Check out the Everest calendar to know the various activities planned for Feb.

I’m happy that we made a remarkable progress in the past 30 days. Thanks to all the volunteers who were part of this cause. It is the passion and selfless thoughts of the volunteers which keeps me going. It is the fuel which motivates me day in and day out.

I came to my native ‘Arni’ in Tiruvannamalai Dt, Tamilnadu to work on the Smile 100 initiative where we are planning to select 100 parentless and single parented kids to educate them. I will be spending a lot of time on this initiative in Feb-2015 and you will see a lot of progress happening in this initiative soon.

We do not have any full time employee for Team Everest so far. This year, we are planning to have few so that we can scale our impact. To do that, we are also looking for individual sponsors who can help sponsor their salary. Hope, we make progress on it as well.

Stay in touch. Happy Volunteering!!

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Whatsapp me to be part of whatsapp broadcast list to get updates @ +918939912365

Some pictures taken in Jan-2015:

Kids during Digital Literacy Session in Coimbatore
Kids during Digital Literacy Session in Coimbatore
I'm The Change Session
I’m The Change Session
Kids who are coming to Mom Dad Community Center for daily free tuition
Kids who are coming to Mom Dad Community Center for daily free tuition
Volunteers Meet in Chennai
Volunteers Meet in Chennai
Volunteers Meet in Coimbatore
Volunteers Meet in Coimbatore

10 thoughts on “Self appraisal of my first month after quitting my full time job!

  1. I love your self discipline KartheeVidya. Please continue to be this transparent and down to earth even as your volunteering scale grows. I am sure people who have never thought about volunteering will join you in ample numbers.

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