Fantastic February – 2015

Hi friends,

Like last month, I decided to publish my monthly activity report for Feb-2015 so that everyone knows what I do as an individual to give back to the society.

I’m contributing 25 days a month to the development of the society and I work 5 days a month to earn for my family and my living.

So, here is a summary of what I did in Feb-2015 with my 25 days Quota (In Feb, it is 23 days for society and 5 days for my official work):

‘Smile 100’ Update:

One of the key initiative where I spent most of the time in Feb-2015 was SMILE 100. Smile 100 is an initiative by Team Everest where we are planning to adopt 100 parentless kids and Single parented kids mostly from age group less than 10 and support them for their education till they complete college (Or atleast the schooling!). All these kids are from a place called ‘Arni’ in Tiruvannamalai District, Tamilnadu, India. You can find more details about Smile 100 here –

To sponsor a child, register here –

We made few key progress in this initiative. Here are they:

Created awareness about ‘Smile 100’ initiative in Arni by distributing pamphlets. We kept these pamphlets in daily newspaper for circulation within the town.

20150205_183711 - Copy

Created awareness by putting up banners in prominent places in Arni.


A local Tamil daily newspaper – Dhinamani wrote an article about ‘Smile 100’ to create awareness.


We also did awareness through ‘Auto’ by going street by street to ensure no deserving child in the community is missed out.


Here is the first parent who applied for Smile 100. Her husband committed suicide in 2010 and she is looking forward for help for his son.


As a result of our various awareness initiatives, we have got 130+ applications for Smile 100 initiative by end of February. We are expecting few more applications before March-10 which is the last date for applying for Smile 100 scholarship.

Mom Dad Community Center (MDCC) updates:

As many of you are aware, we have dedicated our home in Arni to the community. We wanted to run computer classes, yoga classes and study center for students in this place. Check out more details about this initiative here –

So, here is the progress we made in MDCC in Feb-2014:

We started computer classes for two batches of students. We have appointed a part time staff to take classes every day. Also, every fortnight there is a group of volunteers who will travel from Chennai to Arni to teach these kids on weekends.



Volunteers from Chennai

 Also, we started one more batch to give digital literacy to parents.


We connected with a local college and volunteers from the college are visiting the place to take regular classes.

We are starting in Bangalore as well:

I had a volunteering meet with new Bangalore volunteers on Feb-28, 2015. Felt so thrilled to meet people who I have never met in my life and speak about making a difference! We all came to know through Facebook and finally met to help the people of Karnataka. We will be launching Team Everest India activities in Bengaluru in a week’s time. Long live all the kind hearts.

To join as a volunteer, register here –


Happy to be part of NIT, Trichy Pragyan event:

I was invited as one of the speaker for Pragyan ‘Divergent’ event in NIT, Trichy last week. I had a good time interacting with college students. I spoke how young people can volunteer and make a difference. I also suggested the college students to get on ground and learn by solving a real time problem instead of making some models and displaying it within college. It was an interesting experience altogether!


My other updates for Feb-2014:

7 Individual Volunteer Meeting
2 Meetings with Everest Technology Team
1 Volunteering conference (Continuation of Jan conference)
1 Meeting with Finance core team volunteers
1 Corporate meet
1 Parent Meet
1 Bangalore Volunteer Meet
1 Addressed College Students (NIT, Trichy)

Looking forward for more exciting March-2015.
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Stay in touch. Happy Volunteering!!


18 thoughts on “Fantastic February – 2015

  1. I really appreciate the work you are doing. And wish that someday I will contribute to society. Keep it up God bless you

  2. Very good initiative taken by you. Everyone thinks about orphan children but only few think about single parented children. You inspire me a lot. Nice work. Keep helping.

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