MARCHing ahead!

Hi friends,

I’m updating my work on my blog every month to keep everyone posted on what I’m doing as an individual through our NGO – Team Everest.

March-2015 was one of the busy months of the year. Was able to achieve so many things in March. So, here is a summary of my work in March-2015:

I’m contributing 25 days a month to the development of the society and I work 5 days a month to earn for my family and my living. In March, I had my office from March-9 to March 13. Here is what I achieved in rest of my 25 days:

Launched Team Everest in Bangalore:

Happy to share that we started our Team Everest India first activity in Bangalore today. We donated 3 library kit and conducted reading sessions to students of Govt Higher Primary School, Sanjeevini Nagar, Bangalore. 11 volunteers from Bangalore joined this event as well.

More Importantly, these libraries are donated by winners of C4C (Contest for a Cause). So, two 6th std students who won 2nd prize in C4C donated their prize money to buy this library. Happy to spread volunteering in all possible ways.



We also started taking regular reading sessions for Visually Challenged of Samarthanam Trust on all weekends.


To join as a volunteer of Team Everest, just whatsapp as ‘Update me’ to +918939912365. We will notify you about our activities over whatsapp!

I Stayed in Bangalore from Feb 28 to March-8th to kick start Bangalore Everest team. It was an lovely experience. We got the fruit for the efforts invested. Here is the summary of Bangalore Everest activities in March-2015:

8 Events
104 Volunteers participated
230 Volunteering Hours Spent
278 Lives Touched

It is a great start.. Miles to go!

SMILE 100 – Announced first short listed Students:

 As you are aware, one of the key initiative we are doing in 2015 is SMILE 100. We are selecting 100 students to sponsor till they finish education as part of this initiative. We announced the first short listed students on March-15, 2015. Parents came to Mom Dad Community Center in Arni to see the results. We received 181 applications and we shortlisted 158 from it.


I Came to Arni on march-14th and staying here throughout the month to work on SMILE 100 initiative. The only difficult part of this is that I’m missing my wife who works in Chennai and we rarely got an opportunity to meet for almost 3 weeks now :(. Also, I badly miss my wife’s food (She is a great cook!) as I’m eating currently in hotels and sometimes in relatives home in Arni. When any calls come and I need a computer also, this is how I run to front of my home to take calls as there is less mobile network inside our home – Mom Dad Community Center 🙂


We also started the Home visits to select the deserving students for SMILE 100 initiative. We visited around 75 homes so far in March-2015.


We also started doing follow up with all our SMILE100 registered donors requesting them to start their donation in March. For more details about SMILE 100, please check

Hanumanth Joined Team Everest:

One of active Team Everest volunteer – Hanumanth from Hyderabad joined Team Everest as a full time employee. He will take care of all Everest activities in Hyderabad and other key initiatives of Team Everest. Like me, he quit his high paid job in IT (BPO to be exact!) to join the social sector and help others. I’m looking for some potential donor who can pay a good salary to deserving people like Hanumanth. Currently we are only paying him only 1/4th of the salary he was initially receiving.

He came to Arni on March-23rd to help me for the SMILE 100 initiative.


Contest for a Cause – Library Distribution:

We started setting up libraries across India using the Contest for a Cause Prize money. We have set it up in Chennai, Trichy and Bangalore so far. We will set it up in other places also soon!

In Chennai
In Chennai

Other Key things happened in March:

Spoke in OI play school annual day on March-01, 2015– I was invited as a chief guest in OI play school by volunteer Dinesh in Bangalore. Addressed around 70 parents about importance of teaching kindness to kids.


Guest lecture in IFMR College, Chennai on March-13, 2015: Gave guest lecture about Social Entrepreneurship in IFMR College in Nungambakkam, Chennai


Here is the Statistical summary of what I did in March-2015:

1 – Addressed parents during a Play school annual day
1 – Guest lecture for college students
1 – School Visit
1 – Teacher meet
1 – Study Center Visit
1 – Volunteer meet
2 – Corporate Meeting
3 – NGO Visit
16 – Individual 1-to-1 meeting with volunteers
70 – SMILE 100 Home visits (40 covered individually)
Not Tracked – Amount of time, I sit in front of computer and attending calls for various Team Everest initiatives.

April is one of the important month ahead where I will be spending most of the times for SMILE 100 in following up with sponsors, identifying the right kids and right schools for them. Exciting days ahead!!

As far as March is concerned, I could say just one thing – We are MARCHing ahead!

Keep Volunteering!

If you wish to get my personal updates on whatsapp, plz whatsapp to +91 8939912365 as ‘Update Me’ with your name and city mentioned in it.

You can also follow my updates on Facebook and Twitter – @kartheevidya

Stay in touch!


9 thoughts on “MARCHing ahead!

  1. Hi Karthee,

    This is really wonderful. I believe there is immense happiness when you work with children.

    I liked your idea of setting up libraries for children. Please let me know what sort of books you are looking at. Only recently I gave away books to a library close home. In future, if I collect pre-owned books, how do I send to you.

    Pls let me know

    Thanks and regards, Maya Pillai

    1. Thank you very much Maya. Yeah, I love working for kids and volunteering. That’s where my heart is!

      Reg books, as of now we are only procuring new books and not collecting older ones. When we do any book collection drive, I will post it on FB. You can contribute during that time. Thanks again Maya!

  2. Kartheeban,
    Amazing to see you so do so many things in just 1 month. Makes me wonder whether you have some way to put extra time on your calendar over and above the 24 hours we all get. Very inspiring as always man.

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