Fund Raising April

Hi friends,

I’m updating my social work on my blog post month on month. You can check the past ones here – Jan-2015, Feb-2015, March-2015

Here is the update for the month of April-2015:

I’m contributing 25 days a month to the development of the society and I work 5 days a month to earn for my family and my living. In April, I had my office from April-24 to April 30.

April-2015 was yet another busy month of the year. We had various initiatives and it was total fun. Here is a summary of it:

SMILE100 – Fund Raising: Most of my time in April was spent on raising required funds for SMILE 100 initiative. We are sponsoring 100 parentless and single parented kids as part of this initiative. Students who are selected as part of SMILE 100 will be admitted in the Tier-1 school in the surroundings and their complete educational related expenses will be sponsored by Team Everest. We have estimated the total cost of this initiative as Rs 35 lakhs per year. Lot of time was spent sitting in front of my laptop and speaking with various volunteers who signed up for this initiative.

SMILE 100 – Skill Assessment Test (12-April-2015): 10 volunteers from Chennai came to Arni to conduct Skill Assessment Test for 150+ students who applied for Smile 100 Scholarship. We conducted Oral and written test for all the SMILE 100 applicants to select the deserving 100 kids for Scholarship.



SMILE 100 Student Home Visit (19-April-2015): 55 volunteers from Chennai met 151 Kids in 95 homes within 5 Hours today to select the deserving kids for Team Everest SMILE 100 initiative. They travelled 4 hours from Chennai to reach Arni to complete the home visit today. For everyone this is the first trip to Arni. Imagine identifying a home in a place which is unknown to you and there is no Google maps!! That’s what we achieved today. Overall a memorable day for all of us!!



Home Visit 2

Here are few amazing stories from the event:

The kid in the picture volunteered to give his bicycle for others one day. Not just him, 22 Kids in Arni volunteered and gave their bicycle for 1 day so that Team Everest volunteers who came from Chennai can use it to visit and survey the homes of 151 students from 95 unique homes who has applied for SMILE 100 Student Scholarship. What a great way to learn volunteering at young age!! A big salute to those kids…

Story 1

Here is one more inspiring tale from the event – Salman is a college student who also works as a part time auto driver volunteered to drive auto for free one day. 30 of his college mates donated Rs 10 each which he used for the vehicle fuel. He took 4 volunteers to 8 homes to survey 10+ kids for SMILE 100 scholarship.

Story 2

School Selection for SMILE 100: Met the trustees of Bala Vidya Mandir school in Arni for Smile 100 admission. Finalized this school after visiting 5 schools for SMILE 100.


Various Guest Lectures in April:

Addressed the employees of Lennox, Chennai (April-23, 2015): Lennox is one of our key supporter for implementing SMILE 100 initiative. I got a chance to visit their office and interact with their employees to promote volunteering within the company. It was a lovely experience overall!

Lennox Meet

Meeting Cholayil Employees (April-23, 2015): Had a wonderful session with employees of Cholayil in Chennai. It was one of the emotional and fulfilling session I had after a long time. The meeting happened in the open space on terrace which I really liked. After the session, one of the employee who is a parent told me that he will ensure that his kids volunteer and learn kindness by practice here after. Hearing such feedback’s really motivates me to promote volunteering more.


Interacted with students of Hiranandani Upscale School, Chennai (April-26, 2015): Interacted with students of Hiranandani Upscale School, Navalur, Chennai regarding their social work. It always gives me happiness to speak about volunteering and social work with students. It is they who are going to be the face of next generation! Thanks to Mrs.Rizwana who gave this opportunity.


Visit to Mom Dad Community Center (17-April-2015): We had 3 volunteers coming from Mysore to visit the Mom Dad Community Center in Arni, Tamilnadu. They founded an animation company called Aadhyaa Studios. We had a great time together and they will soon helping Team Everest with an animation video 🙂 .

MDCC visit

My April-2015 Summary:

1 Parent Meet
1 Volunteer Meet
1 School Visit
1 School visit to interact with students to promote volunteering
2 Smile 100 Events
2 Corporate Talks to promote volunteering
80% of time spent for Fund Raising for SMILE 100 initiative.

Looking forward for May where we will be finalizing the 100 students as part of SMILE 100 and will be seeing those 100 smiles.. Smiley days ahead!

Let’s keep volunteering. Volunteer atleast once a month (12/365).


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