May month had 100 Smiles. Do you know that?

Dear friends,

It’s amazing 31 days in May. I was completely occupied with exciting work during May and June-2015. Hence, it took me so much time to provide my May month Updates.

One key thing which happened in May was, I have quit my part time job in Cognizant completely. As many were aware, I had quit my full time job in Cognizant on Dec-31, 2014. After that, I was working part time (5 days a month) as a contractor in Cognizant. And in May, I have quit that part time job as well to put more focus on the social work we are doing through Team Everest. Cognizant was my first company and hopefully my last company too. Working in Cognizant is one of the best thing happened in my life. The culture, the people I met, the inspiration I had there, nothing could replace them. Thank you Cognizant for all the good you have done to me!

Here are the key updates from May-2015:


I started to Arni on May-1 and was there till May-11 to take care of SMILE 100 initiative.

We had 4 volunteers who are from various educational institutions to interview the Team Everest India SMILE 100 parent and students in Arni on May-3. They interviewed 151 kids+parents today.

Thanks to DEO of Tiruvallur District – Mrs.Malarvizhi, staffs of PSBB Millennium school – Mrs Neelavathi and Mrs.Usha Ashok and Mr.R.Balakrishna, a social worker from Chennai who volunteered to interview the parent and students today


On mother’s day (May-10), we announced the result of Smile 100 initiative in Mom Dad Community center to provide scholarship for 100 kids who don’t have a mother or father or both. What better way to celebrate the Mother’s day! It was one of the exciting day to see so many smiles at one place. Team Everest will be sponsoring their education till they finish formal education and will also be conducting free tuition for all the selected 100 students.


We invited all 100 kids for a formal SMILE 100 inauguration on May-24, 2015. Two of our LKG kids launched the initiative by announcing the Smile 100 logo to the world. We had volunteers from Chennai joining this event as well.


We had a parent meet for our Smile 100 kids on May-31st, 1 day before the school reopening date (1-June-2015). We were all set for the school reopening and our kids are going to enter a big private English medium school for the first time in their life! We will be having Smile 100 parent meet on 2nd Sunday of each month going forward!


Meanwhile, I invested a lot of time in May to raise sufficient funds to sponsor our Smile 100 kids education. If you are interested to sponsor for a kid, please sign up here. Need more details about Smile100, please check here.

Summer Camps:

We started Summer Camp in Mom Dad Community Center and in 9 study centers which Team Everest is supporting in 9 villages of Tamilnadu.

12 Volunteers from Chennai came to Arni to conduct Summer camp for children on May-1, 2015


May-2nd is my father’s death anniversary. On this day, we started 7 days summer camp for 60 students in Mom Dad Community center. We also started a 30 day summer computer course for 35 students in Mom Dad Community Center.


35 Volunteers from Chennai visited 6 Everest Study centers to conduct Summer Camps on May-2, 2015.



We completed the free Summer computer course on 31-May-2015 and invited all the students along with their parents to distribute the certificates. The only message we passed on to students and parents is to volunteer and help others atleast once a month (12/365).



We had our Core team meeting on 16-May-2015. We are friends for many years now and am happy to have such passionate and committed friends as volunteers in our core team. Passion is our biggest strength!

On a lighter note, I also learnt to cook Sambhar since I’m staying away from home for a long time because of SMILE 100 initiative. I got the recipe from my wife and took notes in my Evernote and followed it step by step smile emoticon. I was surprised that Sambhar making is a 25 step process. Want to read my recipe and have some fun, check out here.

Sambhar in May

May-2015 had so much surprise and fun for me in place. Thanks to all the volunteers who made Smile100 and summer camps possible. I should also thank my friend Hanumanth who has quit his job and joined Team Everest as a full time employee. Though he is from Hyderabad and doesn’t know Tamil, he came along with me to Arni and Chennai, stayed with me to help for Smile 100 initiative. Happy to have friends like him who truly wants to dedicate their life to help people live better in this world.


On this note, let me end this blog post. Let’s remember to volunteer atleast once a month (12/365). We all have the power to make a difference. Let’s do it!


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My Older month posts –  Jan-2015, Feb-2015, March-2015, April-2015

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