Fruits of Hard work – June 2015

I’m happy to share the updates for the month of June-2015.

What could be better than seeing your months of hard work bearing fruits? I am glad to announce that we have successfully achieved our target of SMILE 100. Yes, on June-1, 100 kids identified by Team Everest started going to school. And I must say, this is one of the happiest days of my life!

First day at school:

We selected 100 parent-less and single parented kids as part of Team Everest SMILE 100 Scholarship and admitted them in a better school to provides quality education. As of now, 342 donors have donated for these 100 kids. Today, as the school re-opens, I went to pay a visit to the school to ensure that all 100 kids have reached safely. Here I’m wishing one of the student ‘All the Best’.


Free tuition center for Smile 100 kids:

On June-17, we started free of cost after-school tuition center for our Smile 100 kids. Since these kids are from low income background, there is no one to guide them after reaching home. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to provide them supplementary education to ensure that the efforts put in the school do not go in vain. We have appointed 4 part-time teachers to take tuition for these children. Volunteers from Chennai travel over the weekend to take sessions for these students.

Reaction of students on first day at tuition
Reaction of students on first day at tuition

Teaching Kindness:

Volunteer atleast once a month (12/365). That is the dream we have at Team Everest . We wish every person gives out one day a month to help others. To instil that habit of volunteering, we encourage our SMILE 100 kids also to volunteer atleast once a month. In June, they made paper bags which they started using and distributed it to their relatives as well.


Mukesh – Smile 100 Student Birthday:

Mukesh, one of our Team Everest India sponsored Smile100 student who is joining LKG this year, celebrated his birthday in an old age home in Arni, a small town in Tiruvannamalai Dt, Tamilnadu. He lost his father at a young age and her mom decided to celebrate his birthday this year with a difference. They distributed sweet and lunch for all the inmates. Mukesh’s mother said that Team Everest inspired her to celebrate his son’s birthday in an old age home. I feel utterly satisfied to hear such comments. And also wish that more & more people come forward to make a difference!

Mukesh - Copy

Visitors to Mom Dad Community Center:

We had 5 visitors to Mom Dad Community center on June-14, 2015. We took them to some of the Smile 100 kids’ home as well.


Back to Chennai:

I spent most of the first half of 2015 in Arni to set up the Smile 100 program. Now, the Smile 100 program is on track, I finally started to Chennai on June-22. It would be a different ball game altogether in Chennai now J. Looking for exciting day’s ahead!!

Summary of June-2015:

Admitted 100 kids in Schools as part of Smile 100
Started free tuition center for Smile 100 kids
4 School visits
3 Corporate Meet
1 Old age Home visit
1 NGO meet
1 MDCC Visit
1 Parent Meet
1 Finance Meet


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