2015 – Self Review

Dear friends,

Happy new year to one and all. Let this new year bring more happiness and joy to all the people across the globe.

It’s exactly been 1 year since I have quit my full-time job to do social work. My last working day in corporate was Dec-31, 2014. You could check my blog post regarding it here.

It has been a tremendous journey so far in the past 1 year. I got a lot of time to work on initiatives which matters a lot and which could make a bigger impact. I thought I can write this blog post to reflect on the past 1-year journey and those things which I was able to accomplish being part of Team Everest NGO. In IT terms, this is just a self-appraisal of my past 1 year :).

(Note: Am listing the initiatives in which I was personally involved and took ownership. Team Everest NGO accomplished much more than the below-listed activities to serve more children in 2015)

Here are the top-10 initiatives for which I took ownership in 2015:

1) Mom Dad Community Center – We converted our home in Arni, Tamilnadu into a community center and we run a free computer center, study center and yoga center benefitting 500 people every year. You can check a short video about this initiative below.

2) Smile 100 – We identified 100 Parentless and single parented kids in Arni, Tiruvannamalai Dt and sponsored them for their education. We also conduct daily tuitions for them. This initiative almost took 6 months of my time in 2015. Check out a short video about this initiative below.

3) Everest in Bangalore – We started a team in Bangalore where volunteers are taking regular reading sessions for visually challenged on all weekends.

Reading Session for Visually Challenged in Bangalore
Reading Session for Visually Challenged in Bangalore

4) Everest in Kolkata – We started a team in Kolkata as well. Volunteers are currently teaching at a school and a slum in Kolkata.

Kolkata - Everest Talent Search Competition

5) Making a difference at Hyderabad – Though we had a small team in Hyderabad earlier, we strengthened our activities this year. One of our Everest volunteer Hanumantha who worked in a corporate earlier decided to work full time with Team Everest. After his presence, we have increased our activities in Hyderabad by 5 times. Activities includes teaching computers, conducting competitions in Govt schools.


6) Doubling the Donation of Team Everest – After I have quit my job, I spent enough time with our finance team which made our donation increase by 2.5 times in the past 1 year. Thanks to many volunteers who supported to do big initiatives like Smile 100 and Mom Dad Community Center.

7) Chennai Flood Relief Campaign – We did a special fund raising event and supported 3 schools, 1500+ students by giving them notebooks, stationaries and test papers.

Collage - Thoraipakkam

8) Corporate Partnerships – We have not focussed on corporate partnerships for the past 8 years. 2015 is different. We slowly started to partner with Corporates, small companies and start-ups. We also recognized them during the Team Everest 9th anniversary.


9) Website for Smile 100 – For the first time in 9 years, we have outsourced an IT project to a vendor. We are building an application+website for our Smile 100 website to keep the entire initiative transparent and convert our donors to mentors. Once this application goes live, donors can have a 1-to-1 connect with the children whom they sponsor. The website is currently in progress and will go live in 2016.

10) Personal Contributions – I have taken few crucial decision this year which I announced during our Team Everest 9th anniversary. It involves donating the body after my death (Body Donation), donating 100% of wealth including our home to society post our death etc. I will write a detailed post about it at later point of time. Thanks to my wife for being the pillar of support all the time.

My heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers who are supporting us in this journey. Nothing is possible with out their support. I cannot imagine my life without these volunteers. Volunteers are the reason who keeps me going. I look forward for their support in 2016 as well.

2016 is going to be a different year altogether. A different challenge awaits me. Or awaits us :). Here are the list of items I’m thinking of taking ownership in 2016:

  1. I am the Change Scholarship – We are planning to take 100 parentless and Single parented students who are Currently doing Plus-2 in Govt and corporation schools in Chennai and sponsor them for their college studies. So, the first half of 2016 will be spent on identifying right students and sponsors for this initiative. For more details about this initiative check, www.iamthechange.in/scholarship

It costs Rs 35,000 per student per year. Do you wish to donate for this initiative? You can make partial or full fees as donation for a student. You can even make monthly (Rs 100 minimum) or yearly donations. To donate click here.

  1. I am the Change Fellowship – We always want the best talent in the country to work in the social sector. We can make a massive change if the best brains, young people can work in social sector at least for few years.

So, we are launching this fellowship program where any person between the age of 21 to 40 can apply for this fellowship. They will be assigned an initiative which they need to complete within next 2 years. We also have a monthly stipend of Rs 15,000 per month for the fellows. For more details about this initiative, check www.iamthechange.in/fellowship . We need to identify the fellows and raise funds for this initiative. This initiative has the ability to touch the lives of 50,000+ students in next 2 years. Would you like to apply for this fellowship, apply here.

Are you willing to sponsor partially or fully for a fellow? It Costs Rs 15,000 per month or Rs 1.8 lakhs per year. Mail us at info@teameverestindia.org


  1. Increase the number of activities by 10 times – Now this is a stretched goal. We would to increase the number of activities, number of lives touched by 10 times. That is, say if one computer class is going on in Chennai in 2015, we want to make it as 10 classes in 2016.

Would you like to volunteer? Whatsapp with your name and City to +91 89399 12365 or mail us at info@teameverestindia.org

  1. Double the Donations – We sponsored 100 kids last year. This year it would be 200 students. Hence, we need to double our donations. We also want to be more transparent than ever. So, a lot of internal work is happening to ensure transparency.Would you like to donate monthly (Minimum Rs 100)? – Whatsapp to +91 89399 12365 or mail us at info@teameverestindia.orgWould you like to make a one-time donation now? Click here to Donate.
  2. Kindness Club – Start at least 10 Kindness Clubs in 2016 to encourage young students to volunteer at least once a month.


It is going to be a very hard 2016. As a leader of a NGO, I’m stretching beyond my limits to set high goals and trying to reach them. Bigger goals means, more children are going to get benefitted.

I hope we could help as many kids as possible in 2016. Looking forward for all your support once again. The dreams never get smaller. It just gets bigger when it comes to help others.

Let’s keep making a difference. Happy 2016 to all!


23 thoughts on “2015 – Self Review

  1. Dear Karthee,

    I was overwhelmed to see the post and salute you for the work you have done. I would love to be associated with you in any small manner possible and will be in touch for the same.

  2. A tribute to social service is equal to tribute to India.awesome work by team Everest .All the best for total team…..

  3. My brother is interested to join your organization after seeing your all posts in face book, as he wants to work with children.
    Will there be any opportunity for him to work in ur organization.
    Please let us know.

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