About me

I’m Karthee Vidya with a dream to promote volunteering in our country. I have a dream where every person volunteers at least once a month (12/365).

Born in a lower middle class family, I got an opportunity to study in rural and city schools. The difference in the quality of education and financial difference between two places distributed me a lot, leading to founding of Team Everest. Team Everest focus is to promote volunteering and provide quality education to children who couldn’t afford it. Check Team Everest website or Facebook Page for more details.

I love kids and volunteering. Education and Volunteering is very close to my heart. I’m 30 years old on this planet and 9 years old to volunteering. To know more about me and my work, check my Facebook page.

To be part of the volunteering journey and to get updates, whatsapp as ‘Update Me’ with your name and city to +91 89399 12365. You will get individual whatsapp msg each week about volunteering opportunities in your city. Happy Volunteering!


6 thoughts on “About me

  1. I think one should take care of their family and children first! Aslong as there is someone to give, there will be someone on the receiving end. If each and every one become responsible for their doings, the needed ones will b benefitted!

  2. Great going bro. I am also working on Society through my NGO and we don’t take any salary from it. Though I am working on practical education fostering innovation in India. My team also working on People participation in Politics. With guys like you our country has a great future,

  3. “Those who alone live for others , rest are more dead than alive” – Swami Vivekananda
    Great to meet you on this planet called earth.God bless you Dear , and soon your dream come true. Just keep going.

  4. Great anna… I will be a part of our Team Everest …
    I am ChathishwaranTS from Madurai.
    we started (2013) One rupee One Education scheme ( Collect One rupee from class friends and save that, at end of the yr we donate as a school fee to one student )
    Till now we are doing that….
    I am very Happy to see you…. see you soon brother…

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