10 Ways we made a difference in June 2017

Dear friends,

Here is a gist of various activities that Team Everest did in June-2017. Thank you for your support!

School Reopened for Smile 100 kids:

School reopened for Smile 100 kids after their summer vacation on June 7 for the academic year 2017-2018. Smile 100 is an initiative of Team Everest NGO where we sponsor the education of 100 parentless and single-parented kids.

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16 Students join CBSE School:

Team Everest NGO has identified 16 students from rural areas who have got free CBSE education along with Hostel facilities this year. 14 of them are parentless or single-parented kids. Quality education along with good accommodation and food will be of great help to them. Thanks to Shree Sankalpa school in Chennai for supporting their education!


‘I am the Change’ Scholarship Program:

Team Everest NGO has selected 31 parentless, single parented students this year and sponsored them for their undergraduate degree as part of our ‘I am the Change’ Scholarship program.

Through this scholarship program, every student will get up to Rs 30,000 per year, 100 hours of training and internship to sharpen their skills.

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Scholars Selected Through Radio City FM Event:

Team Everest NGO  have selected 3 girl students who attended the Radio City ‘Plus-2 ku Next’ event in Chennai. We will be providing Scholarship to complete their UG degree as part of Team Everest ‘I am the Change Scholarship Program’.

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Computer For All – Training Program:

Team Everest NGO provides free computer education through its ‘Computer for all’ initiative. Around 30 volunteers joined our orientation program and got trained to teach the kids. These volunteers will be teaching computers to around 200 school students in 7 different centers in Chennai.

Computer For All - training program


Computer For All – Launch:

Team Everest NGO provides free computer education through its ‘Computer for All’ initiative. We started teaching computers to around 200 kids at 7 different centers at Chennai with the help of 50 volunteers.


Ramzan Celebration with Smile 100 Kids:

We celebrated Ramzan with our Smile 100 kids. We provided food to all kids and also to the people who are in need as a part of our hunger free Arni project.


Learning to Code in Native Language:

Being a Computer Science Student, you should really know ‘How to Code’. That’s exactly where Team Everest NGO is trying to help Computer Science students this year. We have partnered with a company called ‘GUVI’ who provides various Tech Lessons as video lessons online and is available in the regional language.

GUVI and Team Everest NGO have selected 30 first year college students this year who will get free access to GUVI online courses and learn to code. For those students, who do not have access to a computer or the Internet, we have also partnered with few corporates to get access to them.

C4all - Launch


Paypal Initiative – Wish Rocket :

Remote Car, Teddy bear, Football and much more… 100+ wishes of Team Everest NGO children have been fulfilled by kids of Paypal employees. Paypal put up an innovative ‘Wish Rocket’ in their Chennai office as part of their ‘Paypal Kids at work’ initiative. The gifts received from the ‘Wish Rocket’ has been given to the children in Govt Schools thereby fulfilling their cherished wish.


Library for 1000 Kids:

With the aim of increasing curiosity of reading among children, Team Everest NGO applied for Pratham books STEM Library grant.

Out of 120 applications received by Pratham, they selected 29 to give away their STEM Library Kit. We have been chosen and offered with 5 sets of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Library kit. Each set will have 125 books on STEM subjects.

With this, around 1000 students will get an opportunity to read the books which they can’t afford to get otherwise. Thank you, Pratham Books.

To Volunteer, sign up here – www.teameverestindia.org/volunteer/ or WhatsApp with your name and E-mail ID to +91 89399 12365.

Happy Volunteering!