10 Ways we made a difference in June 2017

Dear friends,

Here is a gist of various activities that Team Everest did in June-2017. Thank you for your support!

School Reopened for Smile 100 kids:

School reopened for Smile 100 kids after their summer vacation on June 7 for the academic year 2017-2018. Smile 100 is an initiative of Team Everest NGO where we sponsor the education of 100 parentless and single-parented kids.

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16 Students join CBSE School:

Team Everest NGO has identified 16 students from rural areas who have got free CBSE education along with Hostel facilities this year. 14 of them are parentless or single-parented kids. Quality education along with good accommodation and food will be of great help to them. Thanks to Shree Sankalpa school in Chennai for supporting their education!


‘I am the Change’ Scholarship Program:

Team Everest NGO has selected 31 parentless, single parented students this year and sponsored them for their undergraduate degree as part of our ‘I am the Change’ Scholarship program.

Through this scholarship program, every student will get up to Rs 30,000 per year, 100 hours of training and internship to sharpen their skills.

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Scholars Selected Through Radio City FM Event:

Team Everest NGO  have selected 3 girl students who attended the Radio City ‘Plus-2 ku Next’ event in Chennai. We will be providing Scholarship to complete their UG degree as part of Team Everest ‘I am the Change Scholarship Program’.

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Computer For All – Training Program:

Team Everest NGO provides free computer education through its ‘Computer for all’ initiative. Around 30 volunteers joined our orientation program and got trained to teach the kids. These volunteers will be teaching computers to around 200 school students in 7 different centers in Chennai.

Computer For All - training program


Computer For All – Launch:

Team Everest NGO provides free computer education through its ‘Computer for All’ initiative. We started teaching computers to around 200 kids at 7 different centers at Chennai with the help of 50 volunteers.


Ramzan Celebration with Smile 100 Kids:

We celebrated Ramzan with our Smile 100 kids. We provided food to all kids and also to the people who are in need as a part of our hunger free Arni project.


Learning to Code in Native Language:

Being a Computer Science Student, you should really know ‘How to Code’. That’s exactly where Team Everest NGO is trying to help Computer Science students this year. We have partnered with a company called ‘GUVI’ who provides various Tech Lessons as video lessons online and is available in the regional language.

GUVI and Team Everest NGO have selected 30 first year college students this year who will get free access to GUVI online courses and learn to code. For those students, who do not have access to a computer or the Internet, we have also partnered with few corporates to get access to them.

C4all - Launch


Paypal Initiative – Wish Rocket :

Remote Car, Teddy bear, Football and much more… 100+ wishes of Team Everest NGO children have been fulfilled by kids of Paypal employees. Paypal put up an innovative ‘Wish Rocket’ in their Chennai office as part of their ‘Paypal Kids at work’ initiative. The gifts received from the ‘Wish Rocket’ has been given to the children in Govt Schools thereby fulfilling their cherished wish.


Library for 1000 Kids:

With the aim of increasing curiosity of reading among children, Team Everest NGO applied for Pratham books STEM Library grant.

Out of 120 applications received by Pratham, they selected 29 to give away their STEM Library Kit. We have been chosen and offered with 5 sets of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Library kit. Each set will have 125 books on STEM subjects.

With this, around 1000 students will get an opportunity to read the books which they can’t afford to get otherwise. Thank you, Pratham Books.

To Volunteer, sign up here – www.teameverestindia.org/volunteer/ or WhatsApp with your name and E-mail ID to +91 89399 12365.

Happy Volunteering!


Top-10 Initiatives of Team Everest in 2016

Team Everest (www.teameverestindia.org) is one of the biggest youth run NGO in India with our focus on motivating individuals to volunteer at least once a month (12/365) and make a difference by providing quality education to under privileged children through volunteering.

It’s been 10 years since we have started ‘Team Everest’. Below are the top-10 initiatives of Team Everest in 2016:

Smile 100

Team Everest sponsors the education of 100 parentless and Single parented kids through its ‘Smile 100’ scholarship program in Arni, Tiruvannamalai District, Tamilnadu which is 150 Kms from Chennai.

We do not run a home or orphanage. All 100 children still come from their home. Their complete education is taken care by Team Everest. We also conduct daily tuition for them, provide them every day snacks, lunch on weekends, conduct various camps and extra curricular activities for all the 100 children. Check out the various activities that we do for them here.

Check out below video to know how these students are selected for this scholarship program:


I am the Change Scholarship

‘I am the Change Scholarship’ is for parentless and Single parented students in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India who are academically strong and financially weak.

We selected 25 students as our 1st batch of scholars in 2016. All these students are either single parented, parentless or affected by the Chennai floods in 2015.


Apart from sponsoring their college fees, we also conduct free weekend training program to improve their soft skills and their English Language. Every year, each student undergoes 100 hours of training.

Students are not just beneficiaries. We at Team Everest believe that they are ‘Change agents’ too. Hence, every student who receive the scholarship will also commit to certain number of volunteering hours each month to make a difference in the community they live in.

Check out the below video to know the story of one of our scholar:

Study Centers in 10 Villages

Team Everest runs 10 free evening study centers in 10 villages of Tiruvannamalai District from 2009 onwards. More than 300+ students are benefitting from this free study centers every year. We have appointed teachers in every village who conducts the evening tuition every day.


On weekends, whenever possible, we bring volunteers from Chennai to teach the students.



Apart from daily tuition, we conduct extra curricular activities on weekends, winter and summer camp for all the students.



Every year, students are given an opportunity to showcase and grow their talents through ‘Child Fest’ Program. All village students are bought to a common place and participates in various competitions. Student who win gets prizes and their village gets a championship award.


Free Computer Class – Mom Dad Community Center

Team Everest runs a free computer center in Arni, Tiruvannamalai Dt, Tamilnadu which educates around 500+ Children every year. The center is called as ‘Mom Dad Community Center’.

Many students are not exposed to computers due to lack of computer education in their curriculum. In our center, students are trained on basics of computer including Paint, Microsoft word, excel and powerpoint. Every students undergoes 60 days of computer training.


End of the training program, we conduct an assessment and certify the students. The students along with the parents are invited for the certification ceremony and we issue certificate to the students.


 Soft Skill Training Classes

We conduct Free soft skill training classes for College students on weekends. The idea behind these classes is to make college students employable and job ready. Volunteers from various corporates conduct this session for students.


Digital Literacy

Team Everest conducts free computer classes in 3 schools in Chennai and 1 school in Hyderabad. We use the exisiting school infrastructure to teach computers to students.

We conduct this session for students from 6th to 8th standard. The idea is to expose the students to computers at an yearly stage so that they can choose computer as their career path if they wish.



Corporate Partnerships

Team Everest partnered with various corporates to execute various educational program for students. Some of them are listed below:

Gamesa Academic Excellence Meet: Team Everest Supported Gamesa in conducting ‘Gamesa Academic Excellence Meet’ for 160 students from 6 schools. All students came to Gamesa office in Chennai to attend this program. It is a 2 day program where we conducted various activity based programs for school students. More details about this event here.



Paypal ‘Girls in technology’ Program: For Anitha who is studying 7th standard, it is the first time she stepped inside an IT company. 30 more girls students from Chennai Thoraipakkam Government School had a similar experience. Thanks to Paypal ‘Girls in Technology’ program where we took 30 girl students supported by Team Everest to their office and introduced them to various technology. We are happy to introduce the other side of the world to these students!



iGift by First Data: Imagine someone full fills your wish when you are a child. That’s exactly what the ‘First Data‘ corporate team has done. They collected the wishes from 100 kids who are sponsored by Team Everest for their education. They encouraged their employees to fulfill the wishes of these kids by purchasing the items which the kids wished for. The wishes of students included Remote Car, Chess Board, Cricket Bat etc..

First Data iGift.jpg

Diwali – Dress Distribution

Thanks for making this Diwali special to 206 parentless, single-parented kids and financially poor widows. Through Team Everest ‘Diwali for All’ initiative, we bought new dresses for all of them through your donations..

We gave tokens to all of them and they purchased the dresses of their choice from the shop we mentioned. Later, we made the payment to the vendor directly.

Check out more details about this initiative here.


Kindness Club:

Team Everest launched its first ‘Kindness Club’ in Arni. As part of this initiative, we encourage school students to distribute food packets to homeless and visit old age home on weekends to spend time with the elderly.

Hunger Free Arni – Our kids own initiative in which they want to see their place with no hunger sufferings is continuing every Sunday to make a difference at Arni. Our Smile 100 kids handover 50 food packets every Sunday to homeless people in Arni.


Old Age Home Visit by Kids Kindness Club – Our kids who own a bicycle formed a Kindness Club to volunteer at various places around Arni. They kick started their activities with Old Age Home Visit to bring smiles.

 Daan Utsav initiatives:

One of the major focus of Team Everest is to promote volunteering in India and motivate every individual to volunteer at least once a month (12/365). There is no better time than doing it during Daan Utsav, India’s giving festival on Oct 2 to Oct 8, 2016.

DaanUtsav, earlier called as Joy of Giving Week (JGW), is India’s very own festival of giving. It aims to spread love, joy and happiness among those who are lesser fortunate than us, and for each one of us to experience the joy in giving. It is like our own Diwali or Independence Day, with a key feature that it celebrates “GIVING”.

We celebrated Daan Utsav by conducting various initiatives:

Kindness Challenge – Our Volunteers celebrated Daan Utsav, Joy of giving week, from Oct 2nd to 8th by giving fruits to strangers


Corporate Giving Challenge – Stationaries worh Rs 50,000 was collected from 10 corporates and distributed to less privileged children.


Contest for a Cause (C4C) – We conducted C4C with theme as ‘Girl Education’. Roshini of 9th standard won the contest and donated Rs 30,000 to educate girls!

Thanks to all the volunteers who made these initiatives possible.

Do you want to sponsor for some of these initiatives? Make a difference now – www.teameverestindia.org/makeadifference

Want to volunteer for various Team Everest initiatives?  Whatsapp with your ‘Name’, ‘City’ and ‘Email’ to +91 89399 12365.

Let’s make 2017 more impactful. Happy Volunteering!

10 years* not Out…

I could not believe that it has been 10 years. Yes, Team Everest was started in 2006.

I still remember those days. I’m fresh from college. I joined a corporate after getting placed through Campus placement. The date is Aug 21, 2006. After working for 10 days, on Aug 31, 2006 I got my first salary.

3 of my of friends and I decided to donate part of the salary for a social cause. We collected Rs 4000, purchased stationary items, uniforms and distributed it to students in a Government school in a small village. That was the first activity of Team Everest. There is no stopping after that!

It’s been 10 years now. 9500+ volunteers, 6 Cities touching the lives of thousands of students.

I got to meet many amazing individuals in this journey. ‘I’ became obsolete. Its about ‘WE’. Every stranger became a friend. The cause united us. Every time I see smile on a kid face, I always remember that this journey is worth having.

Thank you volunteers. You made this journey possible. Let’s keep it going. More kids are waiting for us.

Let’s give what we have. We are blessed. We are Volunteers!

Happy Volunteering!

P.S: If you wish to volunteer by giving your time or want to donate, whatsapp with your name to +91 89399 12365.

For more details about Team Everest initiatives, check www.teameverestindia.org and www.facebook.com/teameverestindia

A quick peep into our 10th anniversary event:

Cake cutting by Everest Kids and Volunteers
Team Everest ‘Chief Rural Officer’ Manikanta Kamatam speaking about all the Team Everest rural initiatives. Team Everest runs 10 free study centers in 10 villages of Tamilnadu, a free computer center, supporting 20 rural schools and Scholarship for 100 parentless and single parented kids.
Our Special Guest Mr. Venkatraman provides lunch for Re 1 to fincially less previlged people for the past many years. We are happy to invite him on this special occassion.
Every year, Team Everest awards excellent social workers appreciating their social work. This year, we awarded Mr.Venkatraman for his service excellence. We also handed him a cheque of Rs 10,000 for his social work.
Team Everest Study Center Students came from their village to Chennai to give a dance performance. They won everyone’s heart with their performance!
Our fellow, Aman Sharma talking about Team Everest CSR awards on stage. Every year, we award the corporates which supports Team Everest under their CSR programs. (CSR = Corporate Social Responsibility)
Vinayak Infotech receiving ‘Corporate Champion’ award under the ‘Technology’ Category. They help Team Everest by building, maintaining our website and support all our technical requirements. They are one of our great supporter for the past few years.
TCS-Maitree team won the ‘Corporate Champion’ award under the ‘Employee Engagement’ category. TCS Volunteers volunteers with various Team Everest activities almost all weekend. Kudos to your passion team!
‘Innova’ won the ‘Outstanding Corporate Champion-2016’ award. Innova helps Team Everest by providing their corporate space to conduct free computer classes and soft skill training programs. Their employees also  volunteer for Team Everest ‘Digital Literacy’ classes.
Basilic Fly Studio won the ‘Outstanding Corporate Champion-2016’ award for supporting Team Everest ‘I am the Change Scholarship’ program and sponsoring the fees of our college going students.
Team Everest fellow Richa Kumar spoke about ‘Help a Kid Read’ (HKR) and ‘Digital Literacy’ programs of Team Everest. We help government school students who struggle to read English at 7th and 8th standard level to read English through our HKR program. Through our digital Literacy programs, we teach basics of computer to underpreviliged children.
Team Everest fellow Nandhini speaks about ‘I am the Change Scholarship’ program through which Team Everest sponsors the education of 25 parentless, single parented and flood affected students. Apart from sponsoring their education, we also conduct weekend training program to improve their soft skills and English proficiency.
Our Hyderabad volunteer SreeHarsha won the Team Everest ‘I am the Change-2016’ volunteer award for his extra ordinary volunteer work in Hyderabad for the past 1 year. Though working in a corporate, he organizes and conducts Digital Literacy (Computer) classes on weekends for school students. He mobilizes volunteers for this initiative and taking classes for for the past 1 year. Harsha is a true asset for Team Everest. He is a real change maker. Keep up the work Harsha!
Finally, I spoke on stage sharing the journey of Team Everest for the past 10 years and thanked the volunteers. I also quoted 2 key initiatives – I am the change Scholarship and Fellowship that we did in 2016. More details about these initiatives in www.iamthechange.in


If you wish to volunteer by giving your time or want to donate, whatsapp with your name to +91 89399 12365.

For more details about Team Everest initiatives, check www.teameverestindia.org and www.facebook.com/teameverestindia

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