How a 3rd std kid in USA raised funds for kids in India?

I got to know about Miss Pavithra Raghavan, a 3rd grade student studying in USA through her mother Jayanthi whom I got to know through Whatsapp!

Pavithra is a young, enegetic, brilliant and optimistic kid with a lot of character. I have never met Pavithra or her mom. Pavithra needs to do a social service project as part of her school work.

Pavithra got to know about me and the service we do through Team Everest from her mom. She did a google research to know more about me. After reading my facebook page and blog post, she decided to raise funds for some of the children whom we work with.

One day, I got a call from Jayanthi and got to know about Pavithra’s decision. I am impressed with her attitude and decided to help her.

This is what the little girl did in her school to raise funds. She first made a collage about me to create awareness on why she choosed me.


Pavithra is good at painting. She drew some amazing paintings which she sold to her friends and relatives to raise funds. Below are some of her paintings which she drew to raise funds:


After selling these paintings, she needs to put a stall explaining about her project. This is how her stall looked like:


Sharing the close up view of each item on the stall so that you can understand the efforts this little girl has put up:



Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4



When I saw these paintings and hard work she has put in, I had tears in my eyes. I prayed to God that this girl should get endless years of life in this world with good health.

Kindness acts like this inspire me. It is bigger than a noble prize. I feel happy that I was able to inspire Pavithra. It gives me a lot of motivation to help more people in the future.

This girl has taught us some thing important in life:

  1. If you are a person who is too busy working all these years, it is time to ask yourself — “What am I done to society? What am I done to others? What am I done for the people”. If the answer is “Nothing” or “So little”, it is time to do something back to society.
  2. If you are a parent, you can show this blog post to your children, talk about Pavithra and motivate them to do something back to society.
  3. If you are a student, Pavithra’s act shows that there is no age bar for social service. Don’t wait to become an adult to help others. Help now. You can do it.

Thank you Pavithra for inspiring me and showing the world what kids can do. I wish you all the best in your life and I’m sure you are going to inspire many more in the future.

Keep making a difference with your art, thoughts, and acts. This world belongs to people like you. Keep inspiring.

Note: If you or your kid want to fundraise and help Children, whatsapp to +91 89399 12365. We love to promote volunteering!


Back to School – Creating 100 Smiles

Thanks to all the donors who donated for Team Everest ‘Back to School’ campaign. With the funds raised, we were able to get two new set of uniforms, new school shoes, socks, slippers, sports uniform to 100 parentless and single parented kids who are part of Team Everest Smile 100 Scholarship Program.

What is ‘Smile 100’?

Smile 100 is a Scholarship Program for 100 Parentless & Single Parented kids who are from a place called ‘Arni’ in Tiruvannamalai Dt (150 Kms or 3 Hours drive from Chennai, Tamilnadu, India).

We sponsor the school fees for all 100 children, provide free evening tuition for them and conduct various extracurricular activities likes Winter, Summer camps, games day on weekends, art day and much more.

The Motive behind Smile 100 is to provide quality education to students who could not afford it. Our goal is to sponsor them till they finish formal education and help them become entrepreneurs or find a job for themselves.

Check out the below video to know the background of students whom we selected for Smile 100. All the stories in the below animation video are true stories of our Smile 100 Kids:

The journey of Smile 100:

It took us 98 days to identify these 100 students. Watch our 7 mins video to know the journey of Smile 100. You will get to know how we selected students for Smile100, various verification process we did and the testimonial from parents.


Back to School:

Providing uniforms and other basic items required to go to school is one of the recurring expenses for Team Everest every year. This year, we decided to fund raise from our volunteers to meet these expenses. Hence we launched ‘Back to School Campaign’ –

 Thanks to all the volunteers with whose support we able to get two new set of uniforms, new school shoes, socks, slippers, sports uniform for all students.

Here are some pictures of our kids with their new uniform and shoes:

Thanks to all the volunteers who made this possible.

To know more about various Team Everest activities, please visit our website –

Help Required:

Snacks/Lunch for Smile 100 Kids: If you wish to offer, snacks (Rs 1000) or Lunch (Rs 3000) to our Smile 100 kids, click here.

Educational Fees Support: It Costs us Rs 40,000 per year to educate 1 student in Smile 100. The cost involves, School fees, Book Fees, Tuition Cost, Stationary Cost and extracurricular activities cost throughout the year. You can either make a full donation or partial donation. A monthly or Yearly donation is accepted as well. A Minimum contribution is Rs 2500 per year or Rs 200 per month.

If you are interested in helping, please WhatsApp to +91 89399 12365.

Thank you once again to all the volunteers who supported us in our ‘Back to School’ Campaign. Keep supporting.

10 Ways we made a difference in June 2017

Dear friends,

Here is a gist of various activities that Team Everest did in June-2017. Thank you for your support!

School Reopened for Smile 100 kids:

School reopened for Smile 100 kids after their summer vacation on June 7 for the academic year 2017-2018. Smile 100 is an initiative of Team Everest NGO where we sponsor the education of 100 parentless and single-parented kids.

Image 2017-07-07 03_59_00.59 PM


16 Students join CBSE School:

Team Everest NGO has identified 16 students from rural areas who have got free CBSE education along with Hostel facilities this year. 14 of them are parentless or single-parented kids. Quality education along with good accommodation and food will be of great help to them. Thanks to Shree Sankalpa school in Chennai for supporting their education!


‘I am the Change’ Scholarship Program:

Team Everest NGO has selected 31 parentless, single parented students this year and sponsored them for their undergraduate degree as part of our ‘I am the Change’ Scholarship program.

Through this scholarship program, every student will get up to Rs 30,000 per year, 100 hours of training and internship to sharpen their skills.

Instagram Blog post 1


Scholars Selected Through Radio City FM Event:

Team Everest NGO  have selected 3 girl students who attended the Radio City ‘Plus-2 ku Next’ event in Chennai. We will be providing Scholarship to complete their UG degree as part of Team Everest ‘I am the Change Scholarship Program’.

Blog Post 2


Computer For All – Training Program:

Team Everest NGO provides free computer education through its ‘Computer for all’ initiative. Around 30 volunteers joined our orientation program and got trained to teach the kids. These volunteers will be teaching computers to around 200 school students in 7 different centers in Chennai.

Computer For All - training program


Computer For All – Launch:

Team Everest NGO provides free computer education through its ‘Computer for All’ initiative. We started teaching computers to around 200 kids at 7 different centers at Chennai with the help of 50 volunteers.


Ramzan Celebration with Smile 100 Kids:

We celebrated Ramzan with our Smile 100 kids. We provided food to all kids and also to the people who are in need as a part of our hunger free Arni project.


Learning to Code in Native Language:

Being a Computer Science Student, you should really know ‘How to Code’. That’s exactly where Team Everest NGO is trying to help Computer Science students this year. We have partnered with a company called ‘GUVI’ who provides various Tech Lessons as video lessons online and is available in the regional language.

GUVI and Team Everest NGO have selected 30 first year college students this year who will get free access to GUVI online courses and learn to code. For those students, who do not have access to a computer or the Internet, we have also partnered with few corporates to get access to them.

C4all - Launch


Paypal Initiative – Wish Rocket :

Remote Car, Teddy bear, Football and much more… 100+ wishes of Team Everest NGO children have been fulfilled by kids of Paypal employees. Paypal put up an innovative ‘Wish Rocket’ in their Chennai office as part of their ‘Paypal Kids at work’ initiative. The gifts received from the ‘Wish Rocket’ has been given to the children in Govt Schools thereby fulfilling their cherished wish.


Library for 1000 Kids:

With the aim of increasing curiosity of reading among children, Team Everest NGO applied for Pratham books STEM Library grant.

Out of 120 applications received by Pratham, they selected 29 to give away their STEM Library Kit. We have been chosen and offered with 5 sets of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Library kit. Each set will have 125 books on STEM subjects.

With this, around 1000 students will get an opportunity to read the books which they can’t afford to get otherwise. Thank you, Pratham Books.

To Volunteer, sign up here – or WhatsApp with your name and E-mail ID to +91 89399 12365.

Happy Volunteering!

10 Corporate and Project Management Lessons from Baahubali-2

About the Author: I’m Karthee Vidya, who loves volunteering and helping children. I have quit my corporate job and doing full-time social work now. Read ‘My Giving Journeyhere.

I’m also the Founder and First Volunteer of Team Everest NGO. We promote volunteering and provide quality education to children who could not afford it. To join as a volunteer, sign up here or WhatsApp with your name to +91 89399 12365.

I love connecting with people.

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10 Corporate and Project Management Lessons from Baahubali-2


As everyone is aware, Baahubali 2 has smashed all movie records in India. It is one of the wonderful creative works of our generation. Just like you, I was also awestruck with the movie. There are many awesome scenes in the movie which makes your jaw drop. Hats off to Rajamouli and his team for this visual treat.

After watching the movie, the logical person inside me spotted few management lessons from the epic story. This blog post is a result of that thought process. Here it is:


Scene: Devasena practices hard by herself to master Bow & arrow.


Scene: Devasena acts as a prisoner in Baahubali Part-1 and as a princess in Part-2.


Scene: Pig Hunting Scene where Baahubali helps Kumaravarma.


Scene: Devasena replies to the letter from Sivakami.


Scene: Baahubali kills the person who misbehaved with girls/women.


Scene: Baahubali is sent out of the palace. He lives with the common man and helps them by making their day to day job easier.


Scene: Sivakami sends a letter to Devasena asking her to marry her son. She forgets to mention which Son it is!


Scene: In the Climax, Baahubali will Promise his mother that he will throw the villain in the fire bed before she completes 3 rounds. And, he does it too!


Scene: Devasena is arrested and handcuffed even before she is proven guilty as per the rules of the kingdom.


Scene: In the Climax, the head of the statue is washed away in the water and thrown out in a big waterfall.

Bonus Lesson

Scene (Baahubali-1): Sivakami sacrifices her life to save Baahubali.


Hope you enjoyed. Share your favorite lesson in the comment section and remember to share this blog post with your friends.

About the Author: I’m Karthee Vidya, who loves volunteering and helping children. I have quit my corporate job and doing full-time social work now. Read ‘My Giving Journeyhere.

I’m also the Founder and First Volunteer of Team Everest NGO. We promote volunteering and provide quality education to children who could not afford it. To join as a volunteer, sign up here or WhatsApp with your name to +91 89399 12365.

I love connecting with people.

Let’s be friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Note: All pictures used in this blog post is taken from Baahubali official site or from Google Images. The ownership and credits for the pictures belong to respective owners only.

The Poet in me!

Even the subject line of this blog post would trigger a huge laughter from my wife. After all, she is the one who needs to listen to my boring poems (That’s how I call them) :). That’s a different story altogether.

Here, I want to write about my first experience on the poems I wrote.

During my School days, I was very much fascinated by how these poets write those beautiful song lyrics. I thought poets have a special brain which makes them write beautiful poems.

I use to read some of the regional weekly magazines where some of the reader’s poems get published in it. In fact, those readers are also recognized with cash awards for their poems (Mostly Haiku type). It made me realize that ‘Poems’ are not just for ‘Poets’. Even a common man can write it.

So, I thought, why not I try it out. But, you know what. I always felt that I’m a more a logical guy than a creative one.

But being a School student, I was not aware of being logical or being creative. All, I wanted is to write some beautiful poems.

So, I took out my pen and my diary. I choose a silent, private place so that none of my family members figures out what I’m doing, reads my poem, have a great laugh and embarrass me.

I reached my spot. The page is empty. The pen is full of ink. But, the words did not flow. I didn’t know what to write.

Came back home with a failed attempt of becoming a poet. I didn’t give up. I wanted to try some other day.

The next day, I don’t want to fail again. This time, I wrote something on paper. I was very happy. But, the happiness was short lived. I read what I wrote. It didn’t sound like a poem. In fact, it is a ‘Sentence’.

One more day of failed attempt…

I want to be a poet, but words are not just flowing. The creative side of me is just not working.

And, that’s when the ‘Logical Person’ inside me woke up. I started paying close attentions to the poems I read, songs I listen, to figure out some common patterns in the poems.

After reading quite a few poems and listening to songs, I made a discovery.

I figured out two common patterns to write good poems during my school days:

1) You should be in ‘Love’, or you should have a ‘Love’ failure as many songs are written when a hero falls in love or have a breakup 🙂 .

2) To write some good poems, you need to involve ‘Mother Nature’ in it. Yes, I found a pattern that there is some frequent usage of some natural elements like ‘Sky’, ‘Moon’, ‘Star’, ‘Rose’ etc…

I believed, I cracked the code to become a poet.

Option-1 is ruled out as it is too much for a 7th standard school boy to fall in love or have a breakup (At least in the year 1997 in India)

So, I went ahead with Option-2. I listed some of the natural elements on the back of my diary as ‘Key Words’. This is what I wrote:

Sea, Waves Cloud, Rain Mountain, Moon, Flower Breeze

Having found the keywords, I’m now trying to add few more words on the front and back to the keywords to make it a poem.

Viola! When I read them, it sounded like a poem (At least for me). I figured out. The little school going kid has become a poet. His logical brain trumped the creative brain in him. Option-2 is working great for him.

I do not remember what my first poem is. But, I’m sharing some of those poems I wrote during my school days:

Dear Cloud, if you cry farmers get happy. Don’t you have anyone to understand you?


Dear breeze, why do you behave like a cyclone to me? Dear Sea, won’t your waves touch me? Dear flower, won’t your fragrance reach me? Dear Cloud, won’t you rain on me? Dear Nature, are you also discriminating by caste and religion?


Claim the branches called ‘Failures’, to eat the fruits called ‘Success’.

Option-2 worked for few days and the poems dried out sooner. I felt that ‘Option-1’ has more potential to deliver an infinite number of poems. But ‘Love’ is so complex than poems for a guy like me. But, I need a girl for whom I can write poems.

I’m very fond of having an elder sister during my school days. I’m only blessed with an elder brother and not a sister. To my agony, a majority of my friends had an elder sister. When many of my friends were looking for girlfriends, I was looking out for an elder sister. To my luck, I found one.

Now, I have a person for whom I can write poems for. More importantly, I have got my first reader for my poems.

Here are some poems that I wrote for my sister. When I read them now, some are so funny and some of them are too good even now 🙂

If she comes along with angels around, people will ask who is that beautiful girl?


Dear flowers did you learn to laugh looking at my sister? She doesn’t fade, but why you do?

I am not a natural poet. It’s not my hobby too. I just wrote few out of my excitement. I stopped writing poems after my school days. I didn’t write any after that. I do not know why I don’t write them. I write blog posts. But, not poems. Sometimes, I write one liner quotes that strike my mind on my Evernote. That’s all.

After many years, I figured out something about poems. Poems are not creative magical lines. They are not logical blocks of words.

Poems are emotions.

Poems are written to express an emotion.

To tell something more beautifully.

I understood poems are words with souls. You don’t need any special skills to become a poet. You just need to feel, enjoy each and every moment of your life. The poems are just hidden in the nook and corner of such moments.

All you need to do is,

Live your life like a POEM.

And, the world one day will say ‘Once, there lived a great POET…’.

An inspiring Banyan Tree..

On the way to my meeting venue, I saw a Banyan tree with a message board in front of it.

Banyan Tree

I’m sharing the message written in front of this tree below:

“This 70 year old banyan tree was transplanted from Padiri Village, located 60Km from here. The branches were chopped and the tree was uprooted to make way for putting up a structure in the village. Even in the uprooted condition, the tree showed no sign of giving up and started bearing green shoots giving signal it wants to live.

Six months after it was chopped, the rehabilitated tree was transplanted in the present upright position. It has started growing again giving the message


After reading the message, I was dumbstruck. Someone has put great efforts to transport and maintain this tree with the only intention to motivate others.

Wow! Hats off to that person and their attitude. What a nice innovative way to motivate someone.

I wonder how this world would look like if we often see these kinds of inspiring things in our day to day life.

Thanks to the tree for inspiring me and to the person who wants to motivate others. This world is beautiful because of people like him and stories like this. – KartheeVidya Volunteer


P.S-1: If you are in Chennai and wish to see this tree, you can visit ‘Estancia Township’ in Guduvanchery.

P.S-2: If you would like to volunteer with Team Everest India NGO to educate children by giving time or money, whatsapp with your name to +91 89399 12365. Keep making this world beautiful!

‘I am the Change’ Scholarship

Team Everest have launched ‘I am the Change’ Scholarship program during the Everest 9th anniversary on October, 2015.

‘I am the Change Scholarship’ is for parentless and Single parented students in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India who are academically strong and financially weak.

We selected 25 students as our 1st batch of scholars in 2016. All these students are either single parented, parentless or affected by the Chennai floods in 2015. The selection process involved the following steps:

  1. Receiving application from students
  2. Written test
  3. Student Interview
  4. Parent Interview
  5. Home Visit
  6. Final Round of Interview
  7. Student Selection
Student and Parent Interview
Written test for students
Student and Parent Orientation about ‘I am the Change Scholarship’

The selected students are invited for a ‘Award Ceremony’ where scholarship is distributed to all students.

It Costs Rs 35,000 per student per year. The student can claim this scholarship for any of their expenses which includes College fees, Exam Fees, Lab Fees, Book Fees, Hostel Fees, Mess Fees, Transport Cost and any other educational expenses.


Apart from sponsoring their college fees, we also conduct free weekend training program to improve their soft skills and their English Language. Every year, each student undergoes 100 hours of training.

FPC Classes.JPG

Students are not just beneficiaries. We at Team Everest believe that they are ‘Change agents’ too. Hence, every student who receive the scholarship will also commit to certain number of volunteering hours each month to make a difference in the community they live in.

Check out the below video to know the story of one of our scholar:

Thanks to all the donors who made this initiative possible.

We are planning to support 75 more students in 2017 through this ‘I am the Change’ Schoalrship. If you are interested to make a one time or monthly donation, click here.

Let’s keep making a difference. It’s our duty to help such deserving students to complete their graduation.